Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan plaid school sock trainers

Vegan plaid school sock trainers
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vegan plaid trainers Yup. It’s time for yet another Rocket Dog shoe review. It’s just that they have so many good vegan shoes… Like these “Jamba school sock” trainers. I’m not sure I like the very blatant Rocket Dog logo on the heel, but I do like the whole “let’s turn the cool school socks into a shoe” thing. I guess if you wore them with black knee-highs you’d look like the anti-preppy student.

They are simple, fun and the grey is a good choice cause it means you can wear them with lots of different things and they are mostly neutral, even though they have a pattern. I wouldn’t go trying them on with anything, say, pink and busy, though!

These plaid vegan trainers are available from Schuh.

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