Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan men’s white and orange trainers

Vegan men’s white and orange trainers

vegan mens trainers Happy new year everyone!
We’re off the Office shoes sale and straight into the Schuh sale.

Because I’ve said I’ll write more about vegan men’s shoes, I thought I’d start the year with a pair. Start as I mean to go on and all that.
This post is actually coming at you from the past, as I have prepared it in advance, knowing fully well that I am probably way way too hungover and asleep to actually write anything right now. Thank you, WordPress schedule feature!

Anyway, I really like these. Shame they are only for men. The white and orange combo is really neat (orange soles, how cool?) plus, these “roger” high-tops by Momentum also have a cute skull eyelet on each shoe. I also like the high-top shape which is noticeably different from the usual Converse style.

At the time of writing there seemed to be plenty of these in stock. Hopefully, there still are, but at £15 a pair, you never know!

Get them (if you can) at the Schuh sale.