Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan crochet trainers

Vegan crochet trainers
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Vegan crochet trainers Summer is here and look what I found! These sweet crochet trainers are airy enough to be worn without socks but are still technically closed toe shoes. I chose the creamy white colour to display as those seem more summery. think skipping merrily down a country lane in tweedy shorts or across a field with your white dress on and flowers in your hair. Of curse, these also come in a very nice black, for your slightly more new wave / goth summery lady or the hard edged urbanite.

Together, they’re like on of those pulp fiction books with the heroine that’s an innocent student by day and a slutty stripper by night. Almost tempted to get both.

You can get either or both of these at Office.

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