Vegan shoes without the legwork

Red perforated vegan faux leather trainers

Red perforated vegan faux leather trainers
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And here’s another interesting pair from Everyday Logic. They look almost like those funky wrestling shoes you occasionally see around normal shoe stores (and often see around wrestling supply places, one would assume). Most importantly, they’re red! A nice shade of red, too.

They’re 100% vegan and fair trade, certainly an unusual take as far as trainers go and even the label is pretty damn cool.
They are unisex, though these seem a bit more of a girly shape to me than the other ones I wrote about yesterday. Either way, I’m kinda fond of the perforated leather look, so it’s good you can get a nice vegan pair that’s so ethical and feel-good too.

You can get these from Everyday Logic’s website.

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