Vegan shoes without the legwork

Men’s vegan flannel trainers

Men’s vegan flannel trainers
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men's flannel trainers OK. I know I said recently that I didn’t like shoes that looked like slippers, but these are actually pretty cool. I think it’s the colour combo in the plaid pattern than makes me want them. Just like the Macbeths I wrote about the other day, I could actually see myself wearing a pair of these even though they are supposedly for guys.

They look cosy and homey and you’d look like an instant metrosexual intellectual wearing them (in a casual sort of way, cause they still look a bit like slippers, but quite smartly so at the same time).

They look like they’d lend themselves to quite a sophisticated trendy look with the right gear. Plaid kinda does that, if you use it ironically in a retro nuclear family kind of way. Don’t forget your pipe!

These are made by Simple Shoes so they’re obviously eco friendly, made of sustainable and recycled things and obviously 100% vegan, glue and all.

You can get them from the Simple Shoes website. Or you can go all out and get yourself some actual slippers instead (also 100% vegan).

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