Vegan shoes without the legwork

Cool vegan New Balance trainers

Cool vegan New Balance trainers
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Vegan new balance trainers My last couple of posts have been about vegan shoes produced by big name brands and here’s another one. New Balance have been doing vegan trainers for ages and their shoes are readily available everywhere. Think what you will about mass produced footwear, I do think there’s something good about having vegan life choices catered for by big brands worldwide. If nothing else, it sometimes means veganism and vegetarianism are considered powerful consumer preferences that need to be catered for. I’m not sure this is relevant here, though, as New Balance, as I said, have been doing this for years and their trainers are sold on many vegan shoe sites.

These are general training shoes, out of a range that covers all kinds of sports activities from trail running to cross training. I like the blue sole and highlights and I like the fact that they’re black, though they do come in a bunch of other colours too.

You can get them from

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