Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan handmade crochet shoes

Vegan handmade crochet shoes
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vegan crochet shoes Here’s another piece of vegan coolness off Etsy. These shoes have a really cool story behind them and are handmade in Uruguay. This is actually just one design out of many and you can choose your own colours and design to be handmade for you. I chose this one because it’s the one marked as vegan, while the other designs on show are made with real suede. You can ask for any of them to be made with fake suede, like these. There are a few types of cute sandals and flat shoes with either ties or straps.

They are certainly a bright colour in the hippie backpacker style rainbow (and yes, you can order them in rainbow colours, too!). They would make you feel like you’ve traveled all over South America even if you’ve never been, which is pretty cool.

You can get them on Etsy.

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