Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan flat plaid and denim pumps

Vegan flat plaid and denim pumps
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plaid flat shoes I’ve written about the Babycham Rockabilly Flash shoes before, but now Babycham have come up with a new design – the Rockabilly Flash Plaid! They’re totally neat, understated yet really quite funky. I love the plaid and denim combination, plus they also have a star-shaped upper eyelet, which is a pretty neat touch.

Once more, Babycham have managed to create shoes that are very “now” but are also pretty retro at the same time.
They look like comfortable shoes you could wear when you want to look funky and somewhat different but don’t want to go for a heel. The red, white and blue combination (especially with the hinted star) has a sort of all-American feel, too. Almost country & Western in a way, but without being too overtly American.

All in all, these are pretty damn funky.

You can get these from Schuh.

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