Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan jeweled jelly sandals

Vegan jeweled jelly sandals
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vegan jelly sandals with jewel Aren’t these fun? Writing about summery jelly sandals has gotten me in the mood for summer…And in the mood for jellies. And there’s always room for jellies, right?

These are made in Brazil by the other “original jelly shoe company” as in, not Melissa Shoes.
It’s handbags at dawn in a to-the-death fight for the title!

As you’d expect from a Brazilian shoe, they’re sexy as hell and beach-ready, perfect to wear with your teeny weeny polka-dot bikini. Isn’t it funny how a little fake stone can totally upgrade a shoe?

Yes, in a hot country where women spend so much time tanning on the beach and walking around in the sun, you gotta put some thought into your sandals, cause they gotta be both practical and sexy. Well, here they are!

I know it’s not quite summer yet, but I’m hoping if I keep posting up pictures of gorgeous summer shoes, we’re all just going to will it to happen. The sooner the better!

You can get these hot vegan sandals here.

There’s also a black, slightly different version with a starfish instead of a jewel.

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