Vegan shoes without the legwork

The cutest flat vegan bow sandals

The cutest flat vegan  bow sandals
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vegan flat bow sandals “Oh my god, I want these!” I cried. Yes, I actually did say this out loud when I saw these online. How cute? They come in a bunch of bold colours and they are just so summery and sweet.
I know summer in the UK seems very far off, but who cares? I could parade in front of the mirror in these and feel just as pleased with myself. I’m so totally in shoe-lust with these.

Leggings, skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, these would go with anything. The bow makes them somewhat retro, so I tagged them with that, though obviously they didn’t have shiny green PVC back in the 20s when art deco was the latest trend (these sandals are said to be art deco on the Chinese Laundry site). Either way, they fit the bill perfectly for a casual but different sandal.

You can get them from the Chinese Laundry site.

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