Vegan shoes without the legwork

Retro-inspired flat vegan sandals

Retro-inspired flat vegan sandals
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vegan sandals If you’re following Vegan Shoe Addict on Facebook, you may have seen me post a link to Roni Kantor’s line of vegan retro-inspired shoes. She is an Israeli designer from Tel Aviv and all her shoes are 100% consciously vegan. Now I’ve discovered that she sells on Etsy, which means anyone anywhere can buy her shoes. I have it on good authority that they’re comfortable and well made.

So here we have one of her flat sandal styles  (she does some really awesome retro heels as well) which is the perfect thing if you prefer flats but still want a cool retro edge to your summer look. They come in red as well, possibly in other colours too. Really cute.

You can get these on Etsy.

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