Vegan shoes without the legwork

Weird vegan Alladin shoes

Weird vegan Alladin shoes
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vegan Alladin shoes Well, Christmas is not long gone and if you’re in the UK, you’d have no doubt been surrounded by pantomimes, including this year’s hit Alladin, starring Brian Blessed and Pamela Anderson. Alternatively, you may have seen the trailer for next summer’s long-awaited Prince of Persia film. You know what I’m getting at, right? Do I need to explain the joke further? OK!

If you’ve been harbouring dreams of having your very own genie or being a grand wazir (or vizier, if you will), then here’s your chance to dress the part, or at least to top off your harem pants and embroidered vest with the perfect pair of matching shoes!

These pointy, spotty shoes are your magic carpet to a world of desert fantasy. They are by Irregular Choice and are called Mary Piper. These are one of the only pairs of shoes of theirs I’ve ever seen that don’t have some kind of hidden leather enemy conceleaed somewhere in the lining, which is a shame, cause some of their shoes don’t actually look like they were made by and for Disney.

I’m really not sure what you’d wear these with, but they’re vegan and weird so I’m going to write about them as I’m sure someone somewhere would be very excited to be able to wear them. Personally, I love the whole upward pointy toe thing, though I think I’d be happier with a less clown-like pattern on mine. Still, anything for a laugh, right?

You can get them from Schuh.

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