Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan hippie laced pumps

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Here are some nice year-round shoes from Green shoes, an ethical, handmade shoe company from the UK.

These may look a bit odd in this photo, but check them out on the Green Shoes site where they are modelled with a sparkly pair of tights.

Yes, we’re definitely talking earthy hippie chic here, but quite upmarket hippie chic, so if there’s a hidden bohemian artist or organic gardener in you, now’s the time to come out and wear your lentils with pride!
Some of their other shoes are way too too hippie for my own personal liking, but these I think are quite nice and versatile.
The flat pump look is very “sensible”, but the lacing is really girlie. They would look lovely with a dress and they come in a wide range of colours. They’re not cheap but are handmade to last and can returned to Green Shoes to be easily resoled and repaired for a pretty small fee, so would last for years. I assume they are also pretty comfortable.

Green shoes are ethical and environmentally-aware and while they make shoes out of leather as well, their glues don’t contain animal products, so their vegan shoes are truly vegan.

You can get these vegan lace up pumps at Green shoes.

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