Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan designer plastic peep toe pumps by Melissa

Vegan designer plastic peep toe pumps by Melissa

vegan designer pumps Well, I was at an event at a designer fashion boutique last night where there was supposedly a sale on this year’s Vivienne Westwood winter collection. Well, to be fair, there was a sale, but I had forgotten how much that stuff costs to begin with, so left with nothing but some pictures of one attendee’s vegan shoes (that will follow), a glass of cheap champagne and an expensive hangover.

This, however, reminded me of the joy of Melissa Shoes and how everyone can affordably own a pair of beautiful Vivienne Westwood shoes, albeit in funky plastic.

These are the famed Melissa Ultragirl shoes, with added bow (lovely) and a whole new see-through leopard print thing going on. Spot the very obvious Vivienne Westwood logo on the side. You can also get them in black with a leopard print bow, though I quite like this version myself.

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