Vegan shoes without the legwork

super cute vegan demin flats

super cute vegan demin flats
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vegan denim flats These are so cute! You have to check out all the other photos, though, to appreciate their full cute glory. I mean, are these the cutest soles ever? Seriously, you gotta click through to the site then click “view all images”. Really, really cool.

The lining is great too. I just love the level of attention to detail that makes seriously cool shoes out of a very simple concept that’s practically been done to death.

What else can I say? These are very very girlie and cute, but also practical and fun without making too much of a fuss about being really really cool. they’re called sandy pump flats, which you’ll need to know if you want to find them on the site.

You can get them at Schuh.

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