Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan men’s hessian shoes

Vegan men’s hessian shoes

Vegan men's hessian shoes Seeing as my post about the awesome Devo shoes was so popular, I figured maybe there is a bigger market for unusual vegan shoes for men than I’d originally thought. So here’s another pair, this time from Irregular Choice. Now, before you go any further, a reader did comment here that Irregular Choice use rabbit fur in some of their shoes. In the interest of full disclosure I’m pointing this out here, because this might make you want to not buy their shoes at all.

For me, using rabbit fur is about the same as using leather. Contrary to popular belief, leather is not usually a bi product of the meat industry. Animals are bred specifically for leather. Companies that use bi product leather usually make a big deal of it, which should tell you how sad the usual state of things is. I’d rather they didn’t use either, but I do buy shoes from companies that aren’t 100% vegan. You may feel differently about this, obviously.

Either way, these shoes have zero leather or fur in them. They’re velvet lined (apparently different colours of velvet) and made of natural hessian (also in black). I like the pointy toes that make them look a bit like clown shoes. They’re versatile, light and simple, yet decidedly different and make great summer shoes.

You can get them from Irregular Choice.