Vegan shoes without the legwork

The other vegan Fluevog shoes

The other vegan Fluevog shoes
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vegan plaid mens shoes Oh these are very cool. They are officially unisex, which means you can get them in women’s sizes too, though I think they are really more manly than girly.

They come in a few colour and material choices, but so far this plaid fabric option is the only vegan style. They’re certainly pretty amazing, though, these. I totally love Fluevog shoes and I’m really glad there’s at least one vegan style for both men and women (though I’d love to see plenty more).

If your inner hipster has been withering away inside, in need of some really hot vegan shoes to wear, then these are totally it. Although they are effectively simple casual shoes, they do it oh so well with that extra bit of X-factor most shoe companies would kill to have.

You can get these from the Fluevog site.

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