Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan tartan wedge platform wedge sandals

Vegan tartan wedge platform wedge sandals

vegan wedge sandals Today I’m taking a break from boots to bring you something that is perhaps at odds with the season, but is definitely pretty damn cool.

These shoes come from H&M. They don’t really do that many shoes, but the ones they do are often pretty cool. It used to be that all their display dolls would have wicked shoes on but those were nowhere to be found when it came to actually buying them. Nowadays, here they are. At £14.99 they are definitely priced as end of season, even though they may have been priced like this to begin with, who knows.

Either way, tartan / plaid is timeless and wedges will be around for a while yet, so I’d say pick these up now as you’ll definitely get some wear out of them. They also come in plain black.

You can get them on the H&M site.