Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan tango shoes

Vegan tango shoes
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Vegan ballroom latin tango shoe Update! I’ve been emailed and told this company may be out of business. Have emailed to check, but if it’s true, it might mean we’re all admiring these from afar! I suggest you don’t try to buy these before emailing the company and seeing if they still exist. I have emailed them myself and will update when I hear back.

Here’s something that’s not easy to find – vegan tango shoes! Well, these can be used for all kinds of ballroom and Latin dances, I guess, but they’re supposedly for tango, which is great, cause that’s what I dance. Usually, you get suede soles, which means even the satin / other fabric / fake leather tango shoes have a dirty little secret at the bottom. These, however, use some type of fake suede instead, which is supposedly still good for dancing but is not made out of dead animal. I’m yet to try these and see how good they are (they’re priced like proper tango shoes, that’s for sure!) but will report if and when I can afford to buy them.

In the meantime, you can get them here. They are priced in Euros, so I assume they come from Europe. They have a whole range of vegan dance shoes and sneakers, so definitely worth a look.

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