Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan mad 80s skull and rose heels

Vegan mad 80s skull and rose heels

vegan skull and rose heels The week of canvas trainers is behind us, so it’s time to break away from that look for a bit and go for something totally and utterly different!

Well, here we have the Mombassa punk heels from Iron Fist. If by “punk” they mean sort of 80s and trashy then they hit the nail on the head. Not sure about the Mombassa bit, but I do like the whole skull and rose thing they’ve got going on. I wonder if the bright colour scheme looked somewhat like African fabric to someone, hence the name? It does look a bit Sunday best if you ignore the skulls.

Either way,These are perfect for your hot, trashy bimbo outfit. I mean, you could wear them with something a bit more traditional and subdued, but why bother?

You could totally live out your 80s road movie fantasy in these. Or your Madonna wannabe fantasy, or, well, plenty of other fantasies, really, as long as they’re sort of 80s and punkish.

You can get these at Schuh.