Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan black with gold sparkle platform heels

Vegan black with gold sparkle platform heels
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blacks parkley heels What strange shoes! Check out the glittery heel and platform in a shade that looks sort of like gold but not quite.
They have a solid-looking chunky heel and a little platform so should be quite comfortable to walk in and seem to be made out of some sort of fabric. Apparently this is your last chance to grab a pair on the Dorothy Perkins site as they are almost sold out. In fact, some sizes seem to already be gone.

The way the platform sits on the bottom of the shoe is a bit odd, but I still like these. They are pretty unusual and could make pretty sweet party shoes without being too over the top.

At £35 I wouldn’t expect them to be the best shoes you’ll ever buy but I do so love the combination of black and shiny glitter! Although not quite retro in shape, I do think they’re quite pin-up looking still. My inner magpie is definitely keen.

These black and gold (?) vegan platform pumps are available from the Dorothy Perkins site, but apparently not for long!

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