Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan black high platform shoes (chunky heel)

Vegan black high platform shoes (chunky heel)

If you’re feeling low and need a little pick-me-up, then how does an extra 5″ sound? No, not that kind of inches, you perverts! These huge huge goth mary jane platform heels by T.U.K.

These are probably the highest you can get this side of full-on stripper heels. They are called “bondage”, perhaps because of the multitude of straps.

“Maybe”, I hear some of you say, “because the heels are so high, you’d feel like you were tied up when trying to walk”. But no, my uninitiated ones, the chunky heel and platform should actually make these a relative breeze to walk (and dance) in.
In their own way, these are actually pretty sensible shoes. The flared heel means they stop short of being your standard fetish shoes (too comfortable, you see).

Not quite your office shoes either (unless your office is pretty damn cool), these are nonetheless pretty versatile when it comes to a range of alternative looks. T.U.K make the bread and butter shoes of many an alternative scene, offering a look that stands out from the uninitiated, “normal” crowds, but still follows all the fashion rules that make up the non-conformist uniform.

You could spike up an otherwise sweet retro ensemble, go for full psychobilly, dark rock chick or goth or just use these as an aid to reach high shelves or look down on people.

T.U.K shoes are generally stable and comfortable (I own a few pairs), though they do sometimes tend to scuff and mark easily. Luckily, they’re pretty cheap.

These vegan platform heels are available from Schuh.