Vegan shoes without the legwork

Red vegan pin up heels

Red vegan pin up heels

vegan red pin up heels Let’s face it – nobody does vegan pin up heels quite like TUK. They just seem to consistently deliver hot, perfectly wearable shoes. These beautiful red pin up heels are a very fine example of the above.

A mad fashion designer once told me that red shoes are notorious for being uncomfortable, but you wear them anyway.
I’ve had my share of uncomfortable red shoes, but the one pair of really gorgeous but comfortable red pin up heels I have are made by TUK. I’m inclined to believe these new ones are comfortable too.

The heels are big enough to make you extra tall, but the platform is wide enough to feel stable and the strap will hold you in place for even more support. That aside, look at how incredibly hot they are!

You can get these from the TUK website directly.
They also come in black.