Vegan shoes without the legwork

Hot vegan high stiletto tattoo heels

Hot vegan high stiletto tattoo heels

vegan stiletto heels Pure rockabilly fetish heaven! Here’s another totally outrageous pair of super high heels from Penthouse shoes. I’ve written about another pair of their vegan high heels before and I’m really getting into this brand. I wonder if they’re called Penthouse cause their heels are so high?

Not all their shoes have tattoos on them, but for some reason I seem to be drawn to those that do. So here we have a cute “love & hate” tattoo design on the platform, with a sexy red mock crock and a cute little key charm dangling from the heel. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ve also got cherries, swallows and stars everywhere. These guys take no prisoners when it comes to loading up on the rockabilly imagery. Pure pin up class all the way, baby!

Yes, I know these aren’t particularly practical unless you were born in heels, but posing also works for me. They are just soooo cool.

You can get these hot hot heels from Amazon / Endless.