Vegan shoes without the legwork

Hot vegan bejeweled heels

Hot vegan bejeweled heels

Vegan bejeweled designer heels

Ooooh I do like these! How can shoes that have so many different colours and very 80s-tastic fake gems look so adoringly classy? Well, I don’t know but here they are.

The perfect shoes to be wearing when you stick your foot out of the limo’s door so it can be snapped before it reaches the red carpet. And hey, with so many different colours, it’s bound to match even the tackiest of pink limos.

For us mere mortals, I’d settle for wearing these on a posh night of the town. I so want these!

You can get them from Modcloth. I’d say hurry up if you’re considering it, cause they seem to run out of things pretty fast.