Vegan shoes without the legwork

Cheap and cheerful vegan white high heeled sandals

Cheap and cheerful vegan white high heeled sandals

White vegan high heeled sandals Here’s a pair of fun, simple and cheap high heeled sandals from our friends at Payless, the thrifty vegan’s secret stash store. They might not be your choice for the NY fashion show, but they may well serve you at the Vegas pool party.

Apart from this white colour, they also come in black, a cheap-looking denim colour and another shade which is very similar to this shade’s lining.

Basically, these are fun, summery shoes that may not last you 15 years, but will definitely provide some good times while they do last. Seeing as most self respecting fashionistas wouldn’t be seen anywhere near a Payless store, you can also rest in the knowledge that you’re likely to be the only one wearing these. I do so love that about buying from the cheap stores. I’ll leave it up to you whether to tell people where you got these when they inevitably ask.

You can get them from Payless.