Vegan shoes without the legwork

Awesome vegan star peep toe wedges

Awesome vegan star peep toe wedges

vegan star peep toe wedgesOh wow how absolutely cool! These super funky vegan peep toe wedges from TUK are so wonderfully starry!

If you’re into the whole “new retro” movement, you’ll love these. They have it all – stars, contrasting nautical star closures, a good-sized wedge and a bow. Black and red is a very joyous colour combo and I really really like the star print (as you may have gathered).

To be honest, you’ll need to work quite hard to move these away from a full on goth / alternative rocker look, but on the other hand, they’d make even the simplest black dress into a full on statement outfit.

I found these on a site called, which seems to have plenty of sexy alternative / burlesque / tasteful stripper vegan shoes.