Vegan shoes without the legwork

Amazing vegan cabaret sequin shoes

Amazing vegan cabaret sequin shoes
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Sparkle sparkle! Yup, we’re back to Pleaser Bordello. I love this label and I’m going to go over each and every one of their shoes during this blog’s lifespan.

These lovely sequin heels come in a few different colour combinations (including a very hot red) and just look really really nice. I like the fact that they are all quite light colours, cause I’ve often found it’s a bit difficult to find shoes to go with my lighter vintage ensembles.

I don’t know what they’re like to wear. I’ve heard mixed reports about Pleaser shoes. They look like they’d be nice to dance in, but who knows. The one thing that’s definite is that they look pretty damn hot, so you’re at the very least going to look like you’re a part of a 50s musical chorus line.

They’re available on Amazon.

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