Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan crazy high heel retro-look platforms

Vegan crazy high heel retro-look platforms
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Bordello high heels Take a good look at these insanely high, absolutely mouthwateringly delectable shoes from Pleaser’s Bordello range and remember the name, because I recently discovered the Bordello range and am going to be writing about lots and lots of their shoes. They are all gorgeous, some of them have much lower heels and all the ones I’ve looked at so far are vegan.
Here they are in sexy black and white oxfordy-type finary. Tres retro!
Yes, these do appear to be impossibly high to walk in for mere mortals not versed in the way of the high class burlesque or fetish stripper, but who gives a crap?

If you wear these shoes you won’t actually need to walk anywhere, because everywhere you go, men would fall at your feet and beg you to let them carry you around. Seriously, take a good look at these shoes and tell me you can’t see it.

I’d just like to point out that these do have a platform, which does make the heel height more tolerable. Let’s be honest: I can’t imagine them to be too comfortable to wear, but does that really bother you?
Oh yeah, they also come in black.

You can get these wicked vegan high heel shoes on

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