Vegan shoes without the legwork

Wedge wellies – vegan rain boots

Wedge welliesOk, it’s certainly been rubber week on Vegan Shoe Addict. But before we move on to other types of vegan and vegetarian footwear (yes, we can have shoes made out of other things apart from rubber!) here are some very lovely wellington boots that come with a fashionable wedge heel. They are marketed mainly for festivals, like all funky wellies, but are obviously good for rainy days all year round.
They were created by a small company in the UK who wanted fashionable and different footwear for splashing about in the muddy fields of England while listening to their favourite bands.

They come in a multitude of plain colours and funky designs, some of which could almost look nice enough to wear on the streets of the notoriously wellie-shy London.

They are now available to buy in the UK and all over Europe via the original Wedge Welly Website and in the USA via the Wedge Welly USA website, which seems to offer even more designs.
These are cute, functional and definitely the fun choice for dealing with nasty weather and big puddles. Lovely!