Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan Vivienne Westwood rain boots

Vegan Vivienne Westwood rain boots

vegan Vivienne Westwood boots More rain boot fun! This time, though, they’re by Melissa shoes and designed by Vivienne Westwood. Sure, they cost more than your average wellie, but they’re, you know, Vivienne Westwood, so will make you instantly 10 times cooler.

These are cute cute cute with their little side buttons that make them fit in with the military-style look while simultaneously also being young, funky and waterproof. I’m quite charmed by the blue colour, I must say.

If you were going to wear one pair of rain boots this year and look incredibly hip and fashionable nonetheless then these are definitely the ones. Pretty pretty but remember that Melissas run a size small.

I found these here.