Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan super high top art trainers

Vegan super high top art trainers

vegan high top art trainers Happy new year! And here is the first pair of vegan shoes for 2010. These Ed Hardy trainer boot things are so cool. They come in a load of different and funky designs, are shin high and are definitely very unusual. Check out the tattoo geisha artwork with the whole skater-urban-somewhat LA awesomeness. Are those silvery sequin trims too? Oh I do believe they are! Not much else to say really, as I think these speak for themselves. This isn’t exactly a new look (OK, not at all) but who cares?

I fear we are, once more, in the realm of the love ’em or hate ’em, but these would definitely fit right in with a few very distinct types of personal style. I am not actually sure whether these are officially for men or women. I think these are pretty unisex. Just remember to order the right size.

I know this sort of basketball boot look is the obvious fall back plan of any vegan, but at least with these you can make a statement that isn’t “there’s no other shoes I can get”. I’m thinking more of a “check out my totally awesome crazy shoes” kind of statement.

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