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Vegan strappy floral doc Marten look boots

Vegan strappy floral doc Marten look boots
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vegan strappy doc martens look alike boots Aren’t these punk (or punk rocker) boots neat? These aren’t actually by Doc Martens, they are by TUK, although they look pretty damn similar, if you ask me. As far as I know, DM don’t make vegan shoes anymore, so this is one of your alternative options. Ironically, these are made in China and I do believe DM killed off their vegan line when they took production out of the UK and into China.

These boots have got it all, at least when it comes to methods of fastening – they have laces, straps and hidden inside side zips. The pattern is very goth rose, (literally. It has roses on it) but I find it quite unassuming, myself. The shape of the boot makes it lend itself to other looks apart from goth royalty, which is good, as there aren’t as many all out goths nowadays as there used to be back in the day.

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If you’re looking for a solid-colour, unisex Doctor Martens lookalike boot, Vegetarian Shoes make some.

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