Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan steampunk boots

Vegan steampunk boots
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 BoBo vegan steampunk boots Steampunk by its very nature is a very leather-heavy look. They didn’t really have patent PVC and PU back in them days.
But while snooping around the Bourgeois Boheme website I found an unexpected surprise. These vegan “victorian inspired” boots are pure steampunk, while still being adaptable enough to be worn with your street or work clothes. As expected, they come in black and brown. I personally feel the brown looks somewhat more steampunky than the black, but they both work, really.
What more can I say? Nice knee-high style, lacing and a size zip (style and comfort) and at 55 UK pounds, they are, in fact, a bargain.

Bourgeois Boheme are a 100% vegan, ethical company based in London, UK.

For more vegan steampunk boots, you can also check out Pennangalan. They custom make their shoes and boots and have a whole range of Steampunk-ready stuff.

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