Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan Shoes in the Schuh Sale

Vegan Shoes in the Schuh Sale

If you live in the UK then I don’t need to tell you who Schuh are. If you don’t, then I probably do. They’re a major chain of shoe stores that sell lots of shoes by other people but also have their own brand of cool on-trend shoes. Their own brand has lots of vegan offerings, plus they sell all kinds of other cool shoes. They’re generally OK at listing materials on the site, but watch out for the occasional surprise trim. Their search by material function can also be a bit misleading. If you search by “fabric” for example, it will give you all the shoes that contain fabric, even if they also contain leather. Make sure you read the full list of materials before you buy.

Anyway, like all other major high street chains, Schuh have a sale on right now, where you can find loads of reduced shoes that are still being sold at full price on the official manufacturer sites. Also, quite a few cute shoes by Schuh themselves. I picked a few to give you an example of what’s available.



Vegan Irregular Choice BootsIrregular Choice Vegan “Miaow” Boots

It used to be really difficult to find leather-free Irregular Choice footwear. I particularly remember coveting these hard when they first came out. Well, the first version of these, anyway. But I couldn’t have them because they were made of leather. Well, now both the Schuh website and the Irregular Choice website say they are synthetic and they’re massively reduced on the Schuh site too.

Also: cat.

They live here.

I trust you’ll know what to do with this information.



schuh vegan red polka dot heelsVegan Red & White Polka Dot Heels

Cute, timeless retro-inspired heels by Schuh’s own brand with a heel that’s high enough to look good and low enough to be comfortable for dancing in. Also come in a navy blue version with tiny white hearts and a “stone version” that’s some sort of fancy patterned white fabric (bridal shoes!) Coming in nice and reduced at £22.99. I’m sure you can find use for them.

They are here.




Rocket Dog Vegan Snow BootsVegan Rocket Dog Snow Boots

OK, so I wouldn’t take these snow boots into the wilds of Canada on a winter’s day as I’m sure they’re not actually properly temperature rated, but my inner child is pulling at my sleeve right now and screaming “oooooh rainbow!” repeatedly. I’m sure they’re perfectly fine for the British winter and other places where the temperatures don’t drop down to -30C. Also, rainbow laces and soles, duh.

Get them here.




Vegan Blowfish Trainers

Vegan Blowfish “Maki” Trainers

Super cute navy plim type trainers / sneakers with a pretty Asian motif. I guess it’s Japanese, as these are called Maki? Either way, I like it.

I’m pretty sure Blowfish are 100% vegan as I’ve never seen a style of theirs that wasn’t.

These live here.





Vegan glitter dance shoesVegan Glittery Dancing Shoes

Low, comfortable heels, handy straps and lots and lots of glitter. What’s not to love? Oh, and if you don’t like the pink / silvery colour, they also come in glittery black! Ladies, your new party shoes have landed. I am loving the timeless retro design, too and the price is totally reasonable too, reduced to £27.99.

Grab a pair here.






Vegan irregular choice glitter heelsSexy AF Red Vegan Glitter Heels with Bows

OK, so the gorgeous glittery red colour is beautiful enough and I’m loving the bows and the unique shape of these. But do you know why the box has a bunny on it? Because the soles have got an all over bunny pattern!!!

If you need me, I’ll be in my trailer.

Meanwhile, you can get them here.