Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan red cowboy biker boots

Vegan red cowboy biker boots

Vegan red cowboy biker boots Is it a biker boot? Is it a cowboy boot? No! It’s this red fashion hybrid boot from TUK!

Slightly less blatantly alternative than most of their range, these seem like more mainstream boots for the girl who likes a little bit of funkiness in her trendy footwear, without putting on the punk rocker, rockabilly or mod look.
Personally, I actually prefer their more wacky creations to these, as I think these could possibly look a bit cheap in real life. While many of TUK’s non-leather shoes can appear cheaply made under close inspection, the more alternative designs are so very cool-looking, nobody really stops to think about it and / or care.

These sort of pitch themselves up against more mainstream leather shoes and I’m not sure they would come up winners. I do like the overall look, though and I think they have a sort of kink in them that makes them somewhat funkier than some of the similar non-leather boots I’ve seen around.

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