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Vegan Punky Brewster trainers

Vegan Punky Brewster trainers
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vegan punky high top trainers I know I’m showing my age here, but Punky Brewster is all I can think about when I see these. They are so totally 80s teenager. I love it! Ok, I can think of a few other things too – My little pony and the care bears being but a couple…

We’ve got denim, we’ve got the classic high-top shape and there’s zips and stars too with plenty of colours and, most importantly, bright pink laces and lining! All you’d need to do is infuse these with a pencil eraser scent and I’d literally fall down and cry with nostalgic tears of joy.

I mean, you have to be a little bit 12 to wear them (even if only on the inside) but oh to be 12 again and teeny-bop along to your favourite pop songs with these on! We do love shoes with a sense of humour here at Vegan Shoe Addict, so bring on the rainbow!

You can get these vegan 80s trainers from Cloggs and they also come in a somewhat more subdued version with black, pink and turquoise.

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