Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan polka dot clog-boots

Vegan polka dot clog-boots
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vegan polka dot boots

“What are these funky boots?” I asked myself when I cycled past a shop that had them in the window. Well, it turns out they’re actually Crocs. As we all know, Crocs are comfortable and neat, but not really what you’d call cool. These boots, on the other hand, actually seem pretty funky and fashionable in a nice, quirky way. They definitely got my attention, anyway, and I have an eye for unusual footwear.

They come in a few other colours, but for some reason the polka dot style is the only one that doesn’t look like something a horse would wear (OK, so without the velcro straps, but you know what I mean). The all black style might also make it, at a push.

OK, so now I’ve said that and found a picture, I can’t stop seeing the horse element, but trust me, I’ve seen these boots in person and they are pretty hot.

And if we’re onto hot, these are obviously designed to keep your feet warm and dry in winter, with fake fur inside and good waterproofing. Considering the current weather in the UK…need I say more?

They are also most likely very comfy, like all crocs.

You can buy them from Crocs directly.

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