Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan lace ankle-high wellies

Vegan lace ankle-high wellies
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Vegan half wellies Festival season is back and seeing as I’ve had my share of rainy festivals, my optimism is reduced to choosing half wellies over full wellies if I think it’s going to be a relatively good weekend.

These lace wellies by Mel (cheaper sister company of Melissa Shoes) may not save you if the mud really hits the fan, but for a slightly damp festival they’re certainly more interesting than Farmer Giles wellies or even Hunters that have kinda been done to death. I take no responsibility for any accidents that may happen if you spend too many festivals walking around in these in rocky, muddy fields – these are quite cheap and probably meant as stylish urban rain boots in countries where rain boots can be seen as urban and stylish. Also, I have no idea what the grip is like on these. All I know is that they’re about as sexy as you can get for wellies without having a rubber boot fetish.

You can get them from Schuh.

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