Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan Fluevog vintage ankle boots

Vegan Fluevog vintage ankle boots
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vegan fluevog ankle boots Oh sweet mother of awesome! Fluevog make such gorgeous shoes but I always thought they were all leather. But while it’s true they are 99% leather, they also make a couple of vegan ones and these absolutely lovely vintage / retro boots are one of those styles.

Just the heel alone is worth spending the money. Oh yeah, they are totally not cheap, these, but they are ever so delectable so why let a few hundred bucks come between you and true love?

Considering how hot their leather shoes are, having ones made of microfibre or canvas or whatever these are seems a bit, well, second best, but it’s definitely more eco-friendly than having shoes made out of PVC. Plus, you need only look at these to realise how incredibly hot they’re going to make you look.

You can get these from

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