Vegan shoes without the legwork

simple and effective Vegan faux suede boots

simple and effective Vegan faux suede boots
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vegan suede boots These faux suede boots from Vegetarian Shoes look like great every day casual to smart casual boots. They’re simple and comfortable-looking with a low heel and you could obviously wear them with just about anything. I like the pointy toe. I guess that’s why they call them “Pixie boots”.

You could dress them up or down, for work or play and they’d be fine. If you’re the sort of person who fixates on one pair of shoes and wears them all the time till they die, then fixate on these – they’ll work out just fine.

They are simple, but most likely much better made than the cheap knock offs you’re likely to get in the usual faux suede department.

Oddly enough, it’s sometimes very easy to find weird and wonderful vegan shoes, but not so much your simple but stylish every day shoe. Vegetarian Shoes are good at producing good every day, functional footwear and every once in a while they have something that’s really very cool. These boots are a fine example of that.

You can get them from the Vegetarian Shoes website.

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