Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan designer pointy toed ankle boots

Vegan designer pointy toed ankle boots
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vegan red ankle boots Lovely, lovely boots from your friendly, ultra-modern vegan designers at Olsen Haus.
They have the coolest shape and the paint splash design makes them look all funky and arty. You know… Like you just stepped out of your art studio to go dance all night at NY’s hottest new club. That kind of thing.

They come in black as well, of course, which would also make you stand out in a crowd but I do so like the red. I guess black with a white paint splash is a bit more versatile, though.

These are really lovely boots. $235 is quite a lot, but at least these actually look like proper designer shoes. So if you want to share the joy of spending a significant part of your monthly income of shoes just like your leather-wearing buddies, then here’s a good opportunity.

You can get these from the Olsen haus site.

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