Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan brogue boots

Vegan brogue boots
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vegan brogue boots Ooooh look at these lovely brogue boots, new at BBoheme. Super simple, stylish and good for everything. I love shoes that you can just wear every day with practically every outfit and they’d be good for work too. I already wrote about vegan brogues before, but never boots, so this is quite exciting.

OK, so they’re not exactly a pair of secretary heels, but I love the flat heel and the brogue look and think it works really well with tights and a dress or a skirt, as well as with straight-leg trousers, leggings or… well, like I said, everything.
I’ve seen nicer leather brogue boots before, but isn’t that usually the case? These are perfectly cute and would make very useful shoes to have.

Bourgeois Boheme are a company that only sells 100% vegan shoes and they are a small independent business with good ethics. These vegan brogues are from their very own range.

You can get this from Bourgeois Boheme.

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