Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan black strappy high heel boots

Vegan black strappy high heel boots
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black vegan strappy boots These boots may look like they’re made of suede, but actually they are made out of fake suede. Aren’t the heels odd? They look like someone had made a thicker heel and then changed their mind and cut it out. The multitude of buckles (5 to be exact) means they have a bit of a kinky edge, but the overall look is still versatile enough to wear with your usual every day stuff.
I love straps and buckles on things, especially when there’s no actual need for them to be there. Is that wrong of me? Hell, who cares!

Oh yeah. I’m guessing the original idea for these shoes came from here. The posh ones actually look nicer, but are obviously not for the likes of us.

These boots are undoubtedly irregular and another fine vegan hit from Schuh, who seem to actually have a decent line in attractive vegan shoes. OK, so obviously they are “inspired” by other shoes, but those other shoes are blatantly not vegan, so screw em.

You can get the Vegan version from the Schuh . They are called “Missile”.

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