Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan ankle rain boots / low wellies

Vegan ankle rain boots / low wellies
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Vegan ankle rain boots I am getting quite into checking out unusual rubber boots and vegan rain boots, so here’s another unexpected and slightly oddball find.

If you’re not quite into the concept of wearing a full wellie boot but still want to add a bit of waterproof rubber goodness to your chosen winter outfit, then here’s a a pair of Sperry Top-sider “Sadie low rubber boots” I found on the Amazon website.

Basically, they are ankle wellies. How cool? I wouldn’t recommend wading through knee-deep mud in these, but if you live in a rainy city, these would keep your feet warm and dry, while adding a touch of unusual Euro-style to your winter outfit. They come in several colour combos, from the classic (the pictured black / plaid, plus all black, grey with what appears to be grey fleece, etc.) to the slightly mad (red plaid and yellow anyone?) . Available from

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