Vegan shoes without the legwork

Vegan 3 strap casual boot

Vegan 3 strap casual boot
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Vegan high top trainer Simple, cute and stylish – I do like these. They’re a different take on the usual canvas high top trainer, with straps instead of laces.

I think these would make nice smart-casual trainers to wear to work if your office is funky or for going out somewhere where you need to look vaguely smart but also vaugely trendy and have your shoes just blend in with the look. They’re a good shade of neutral (navy, apparently. Looked grey to me on this screen, but I guess it’s denim of sorts). They also come in black synthetic, which is also handy, though they look like they might look a bit cheap in real life in that style.
Both of these are on sale right now, so they *are* actually cheap, which is always good.

You can get these directly from Aldo.

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