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Killdoll Face up to it ankle boots

Killdoll Face up to it ankle boots
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KillDoll Face up to it

With a name like Killdoll, I don’t need to tell you the target audience of this shoe company, do I? Or rather, the target age. Yup, they’re a bit weird, but in a totally acceptable way and very girly and cute.

A modern take on an 80s/ early 90s style, they are trendy, fun and ever so slightly emo and alternative. The lady whose face is on the shoes reminds me somewhat of Siouxsie and it makes me a little bit sad inside that many of the people who’d buy these shoes would do so without having a clue who Siouxsie is. Kids nowadays, eh?

Be that as it may, these vegan ankle boots are best worn with big hair and heavy eyeliner as you’re standing outside the club having your rebellious cigarette. Black also works.

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