Vegan shoes without the legwork

Green and Red Vegan Shoes to Wear Year-Round

Green and Red Vegan Shoes to Wear Year-Round

Merry Christmas from Vegan Shoe Addict! I may not be round and bearded, but I have brought you the gift of vegan shoe porn nonetheless. Please take a break from stuffing your face full of yummy food to enjoy this selection of festive red and green shoes. They range from the (mostly) sensible to the fabulously insane, cheap to…not so cheap and flat to extremely high. But whatever you do, always remember: vegan shoes are not just for Christmas!




Vegan red platform wedgesRed Tweed Vegan Platforms by Good Guys

Words can’t describe how much I love these. I’ve been drooling over them for months. Good Guys are 100% consciously vegan and their designer shoes are all limited edition, so I’d grab them now if I were you, unless you’re size 39, in which case hold off, as I’ve not gotten my pair yet! They live on the Good Guys website.




Vegan green glitter bootsKnee High Glittery Green Vegan Boots by Funtasma

OK, so I’m not entirely sure these are not meant to be costume shoes, like for a Poison Ivy costume, because Funtasma have a whole range of shoes advertised as “Halloween shoes”, but fuck it. Just look at these gorgeous boots. Wouldn’t you want to wear them to any possible occasion that was even remotely appropriate? I know I would! If you like the green but not the heels, they also make simple ballerina flats in the same green glitter. Also, I’m pretty sure they make these boots in other colours, too. I found these on Amazon, but they’re sold all over the net.





red vegan low heelsSparkly Red Vegan Low Heeled Shoes by Roni Kantor

You shall go to the ball and be sparkly, yet comfortable! These beautiful low-heeled ruby slippers are retro-inspired enough to go with your vintage dresses, glittery enough to make a fashion statement, heeled enough to not be boring flats, yet low enough to be sensible. Also: OMG cute!

They’re designed by Roni Kanor, a consciously vegan shoe designer with a range of super cute shoes including flats, heels and bridal shoes, all vegan, all awesome. Get them from her Etsy store.






Green vegan sneakersGreen Vegan Velvet “Creeper Trainers”

A beautiful pair of dark green trainers with a chunky sole. The velvet has some sort of pattern on it too, to make things a bit more interesting. Can’t really go wrong with the trad hi-top style that goes well with everything from skinny jeans to tights / mini skirt combos to summer shorts. You can get them from Dolls Kill.






Red vegan wedgesMassive Vegan Red Star Wedges by T.U.K

These awesome vegan wedges are on sale right now! Red, shiny, starry and HUGE. Apparently they are some sort of limited edition, as the site says they won’t be back once they’re gone. I can certainly see why these are not a mainstream pick, but wow! Get there from TUK.





Green vegan heelsBright Green Vegan Glitter Heels by Bordello Shoes

The “Teeze 06″ heels have a massive 5.75″ heel and a 1.75” platform, so are not for everyone, but if you love high heels and want to make a massive statement, I’m sure you’ll be picking your chin off the floor right about now. Bordello shoes, as the name implies, are popular with burlesque starlets, pinups, strippers and anyone who likes super sexy and somewhat alternative footwear. If glittery green is not your colour, you’ll be happy to know they come in a whole range of both plain and glittery colours.

You can get them from Amazon or places that sell sexy outfits and shoes like Funky Pair.







Vegan red peep toe heelsVegan Red Peep Poe Heels with Bows

Another hit from TUK, who seem to make my favourite red and green shoes, who’d have thought? These solid heels are a respectable height and have a cute 50’s pinup feel. I’d say we’re looking at about 80% femme fatale and 20% America’s sweetheart (it’s the bows).  Get them from TUK.





Green vegan creepersVegan Green Velvet Creepers

Part of TUK’s big range of creepers in all kinds of funky shades. I think the velvet on these is a bit darker than the trainers. Plus, they’re actual creepers, not trainers / sneakers with a creeper sole so are blatantly more rock’n’roll. Get them at TUK.