Vegan shoes without the legwork

Five Kickass Black Vegan Boots

Five Kickass Black Vegan Boots

I came here to kick ass and eat tofu, and I just ate all the tofu.  So here are some awesome statement boots for when the going gets tough and the tough need to look like a million bucks.


Disturbia spike bootsFierce spiky vegan boots by Disturbia

Cute, yet mean. I wouldn’t go stepping on anyone’s foot while they’re wearing these, yet these would pair equally well with a girly ensemble and look awesome with fishnets. Chunky soles channel the 90s / 00s cyberboth scene well, but the shape is pretty timeless with a cartoony vibe. Love!

They live here.




New Rock BootsNew Rock Boots

New Rock are the home of hardcore biker and cyber style boots. They’ve been around for years and years and their leather boots (which loads of my friends have) seem to last forever and a half. I’ve not tried their vegan boots yet, but I assume they’re also strong and long-lasting. I believe they use lorica, which is about as tough as you can get for vegan. This particular design is kinda iconic, so it’s great you can get it in vegan leather now. Something for all you hardcore cyber babes out there.

Get them here.




Current Mood vegan bootsCurrent Mood New Prophecy Boots

I love these so much with their shiny shiny toe caps! Unfortunately they seem to have run out of my size already. I urge you, don’t make the same mistake I made if you’re one of the lucky ones. These are just so wonderfully shiny and chrome. Goth, cyber, urban – whatever cool adjective you want to throw at these will stick. I own another pair of boots by Current Mood and can confirm they are comfortable and appear pretty well made (I’ve not owned them long enough yet for a definitive verdict, but will be coming up with one soon, as this is one of my new favourite brands).

These are available here.




Current Mood Slade BootsCurrent Mood Slade Vegan Boots

Somewhat more understated than the above, these lace-up combat boots are understated, pitch black (no shiny silver here!) and definitely look like they mean business. They’ll give you a little bit of a mean edge but can still be worn in a variety of styles, including light to medium femme. Perfect as your go-to pair of everyday combats / commando style boots.

They are here.





Demonia vegan bootsMassive Demonia Vegan Boots

Demonia don’t fuck around when it comes to massive boots. These calf-height wedge platforms have everything you could ever want in a kickass boot: lace ups, buckles, O-rings (at the front, click through to see), back zippers, exciting different textures, a massive platform to make you taller and fiercer and a general air of awesomeness. They even have what look like stainless steel septum piercing rings at the front, so you and your boots could have matching rings (well, if your septum is pierced, that is). Loving the fetishy, OTT vibe of these.

They are here.