Vegan shoes without the legwork

DIY Vegan recycled rain boots

DIY Vegan recycled rain boots
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vegan recycled rain boots

After writing about the extremely hot recycled vegan boots made from plastic bags, my friend Laura (hi Laura!) sent me this, which she found on These are basically simple vegan rain boots that you can make yourself using fused plastic bags. OK, so they’re not quite as amazing as the Chilean version, but they are still pretty damn cute, plus you can make them yourself without needing to learn Spanish. The designer took his inspiration from Ugg boots, so if you like the Ugg boots shape (which I on the whole don’t), you’ll love these even more.

They were originally designed to empower cartoneros – poor people in Buenos Aires that make a living out of collecting plastic bags. So we have a good cause, an environmentally-friendly enterprise and, of course, pretty funky boots! I like.

You can get the instructions for making these on Craftzine.

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